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Experience the Best Outdoor Adventures in Savannah! With Tipsy Turtle Land & Sea Tours

Tipsy Turtle Pedal Tours: Explore Savannahs Beautiful City

Join our Tipsy Turtle Land Tours for an exciting journey through Savannah’s lively streets and attractions. Pedal through the city with friends, discovering popular spots and hidden gems during the 90-minute adventure. These unique tours offer exercise, fun, and a vibrant atmosphere, guided by friendly and knowledgeable experts. Whether it’s a group outing, a team-building event, or a thrilling city exploration, our Tipsy Turtle Land Tours guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Tipsy Turtle Tiki Tours: Explore Savannahs Waterways

Hop on our floating tiki bar for a scenic tour of Savannah! Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, stunning views, and local wildlife while cruising along the waterways. Our Tiki Tours provide a safe and entertaining journey with a knowledgeable captain and bartender. Perfect for special occasions or a fun day out with friends, create unforgettable memories on our unique tiki adventure.

Tipsy Turtle Available For Any Occasion:

what they say about us

“Our day on the Tipsy Turtle boat was a BLAST! I’ve lived in Savannah for 20 years and I’ve never enjoyed our waterways so much. Staff was great, cocktails were delicious, and the boat is perfect. When you walk up to the dock you know you are in for a great time!”

Val B.

“We had so much fun on our Tipsy Turtle adventure! The boat is adorable and you can tell they really put a lot of thought and love into the concept. Great cocktails, fun music, and the staff was wonderful. This is absolutely a must do for visitors and locals alike!”

Carly W.

“The Tipsy Turtle is such a fun way to spend the day enjoying the waterways of Savannah! The cocktails were delish, we had super entertaining guides, and were the life of the party on the river!”

Joseph L.